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Designed for long stretches of parking bays in small to medium car parking areas or where the shape of a car parking zone does not lend itself to twisted sail. Flat Top shade structures provide shade for individual car parking bays and yet portray a low profile for the maintenance of high visibility of tennant signage. Strength and rigidity are bestowed by a box section frame and the fabric is mounted within the frame by a series of perimeter stainless steel cables.

With a high class look, Flat Top shade structures can be made from GALE Commercial Heavy430 shade cloth or from Ferrari vinyl cloth. All weather protection of steel can be by hot-dip galvanising or by application of a Two-Pack coating. A wide variety of colours are available for the cloth and steel coating. See the information pages for colour schemes.

The structures below were made using shade cloth. Ferrari cloth provides a high class extremely good-looking alternative.

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