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Advances in chemical technology have seen the development of new fabrics that allow the construction of light weight structures unimaginable.

Custom Shade Structures brings together a team of dedicated professionals to work with you to create your imagination from these new generation fabrics.

Tension membrane fabrics bring unique properties to the construction industry. Curving across large spans, tension membrane fabrics generate a free-form shape that is both the skin and the structure of the building.

The fabrics offer translucency with the controlled passage of natural light and the ability to use the fabric as a canvas under conditions of artificial light.

Fabrics are now pollution resistant, self-cleaning, have a long durability and life-spans often in excess of 30 years.

The ability to fabricate the structures off-site and quickly assemble them at the site of construction offers alternate strategies to the old, time-consuming and disruptive approach to building.

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Even the most simple of structures can have a dramatic and dynamic impact.....
Advances in vinyl fabric technology have been mirrored in the development of new generation shade cloth fabrics that are more rigid and durable retaining their shape for generations.

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Custom Shade Structures can cover all your needs....

A simple cost-effective design can double your usable working environment....... before and after the transformation.

Structures no longer have to follow set shapes.

Custom Shade Structures can build that iconic building that sets your building apart from your contemporaries and leaves a remarkable legacy...