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Information about Shadecloth Used

Gale Commercial Heavy430 is a commercial grade shade cloth very different to most shade cloths on the market today. It is made from 100% monofilament and contains no tape. A lot of shade cloths only have a small percentage of monofilament in the fabrics and tape forms the main frame of these fabrics. The tape is supported and tied together by the small amount of monofilament. The presence of tape allows the fabric to stretch inconsistently and, over time, causes the fabric to sag or pull out of shape. Commercial Heavy430 is composed entirely of monofilament.  

Commercial Heavy430 comes with a 15-year warranty against degradation while under tension. 

Commercial Heavy430 has a 85.9%-87.9% UV protection when tensioned in contrast to other fabrics where UV protection ratings are generally taken before they are tensioned.  When tensioned, these fabrics can lose up to 20% of their stated UV rating.  We have tested, and continue to test, a range of fabrics in small structures and large shopping centre car parks structures and have found that Commercial Heavy430 holds its tension more consistently over a longer period of time with no need of re-tensioning.  

Commercial Heavy430 is available in a wide variety of colours,that will satisfy your needs and is 100% Recycleable.

All our shade sails are sewn with PTFE sewing threads which have a warranty of 15years.

For Gale Commercial Heavy 430 Brochure and Specification data sheets Click here