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Custom Shade Structures is an ISO9001:2000 company

Custom Shade Structures specialises in high-end specialty residential projects and can transform under-utilised areas into valuable living space adding that special ambiance to your home.

Shade structures from tension membrane waterproof or shade cloth can add an extra dimension to your most valuable possession - your house. Pavilions, pergolas, porticos, entrance ways, pool covers - all serve to keep you, your family, visitors and guests cool and protected from the harsh sun or the soaking rain.

Tension membrane waterproof or shadecloth structures can dramatically expand your living area for less than the cost of traditional construction materials while adding impact factor.

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As these before and after photographs show, with shade structures, you can transform that hot outdoor space into a cool living environment. You will want to live outdoors all the time.

Blinds and insect mesh can complete the structure increasing protection.

A cool shaded environment that can be enjoyed all year round.......
Build that unsual structure.....
Or protect that special asset....